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Directed by 18 UPPERCUT and scored by W.Y. Huang; is a restless, iconoclastic take on the art of violence. Inspired by Godzilla, Dragon Ball Z and classic Kung-Fu films, these influences are crashed together as a blitz of beats, beatings and furious color in this synapse-slamming music video.

Directed by : 18 UPPERCUT
Music by : W.Y. Huang
Creative & Art Direction : 18 UPPERCUT
Design & Animation ACT 01, 02 : TMRRW
Design & Animation ACT 03, 04 : FNL PRJCT
Writers : 18 UPPERCUT, Yoush, Divago
DOP : Dalton Lai
Co-DOP : Leo Lin
Producer : Laurent Chang, 18 UPPERCUT
Kung Fu Choreographer : Dai Lin
VFX Consultant : TMRRW
SFX & Sound Design : GUM
Editor : Daniel Cheng, TMRRW, FNL, 18U
Actor. Traffic Police : Dai Lin
Actor. Food Vendor : Xue Er
VO Traffic Police : Buzz, Zack
VO Food Vendor : Divago
Typographer : Ann Zeng
Stunt Team : Chao
Styling & Props : Zha Ji, Lin Hao
Make Up : Tianrao Xu (Kuki)
Photography : Jedi

Teaser Film

Cover Design

Cover Design


18 UPPERCUT creates a music video for Bohan Phoenix's title track, OVERSEAS, off the OVERSEAS EP - produced by Ryan Hemsworth. OVERSEAS finds the rapper digging deep into his personal life, relaying stories about his childhood in China and as a young immigrant. Arriving amidst a Chinese government crackdown on hip-hop culture, including a ban on rappers and tattooed artists performing on television, the mere existence of OVERSEAS is an act of protest, re-establishing hip-hop as a vehicle for positivity and social change while challenging prevailing American notions about rappers of Asian descent.

The video was accompanied by an interactive website. Viewers were able to jump through multiple camera angles to see the evolution of the one-shot video execution. The site also included behind the scenes photos, lyrics and credits.

Directed by : 18 UPPERCUT
Music by : Ryan Hemsworth, Bohan Phoenix
Creative & Art Direction : 18 UPPERCUT
Digital Agency : Resn
Producer: Black
DOP : Dalton Lai
Animation : FNL PRJCT
Dance Choreography : Jeffee Lai
Photography : Jedi

Cover Design

Cover Design

Interactive Version


A fun little spot for a Kickstarter project in full 80s 'WWF x Sellavision' glory. It's so bad, it's good.

Client : Mighty Jaxx
Directed by : 18 UPPERCUT
Animation : TMRRW
Creative & Art Direction : 18 UPPERCUT



18 UPPERCUT is a directorial / creative unit
China / Singapore / USA
Since 2018

New York One Screen 2018 Film Festival (US)
New York Art Directors Club Young Guns (US)
New York ADC 88th Annual - Silver (US)

AVYSS Magazine (JP)
Bandwagon (SG)
Neocha Magazine (CN)
Noisey. VICE (CN)
Nowre (CN)
Radii (CN)



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