visual label


"18 Uppercut was conceived in early 2018 as a reaction to our dream of being a rap super group where we could party on yachts with champagne and be surrounded by beautiful women. We knew this was highly unlikely given one half of the duo is from a nanny state, Singapore and the other a rodeo friendly part of the USA. We decided it would be best if we try to be the visual equivalent of Wu-Tang Clan and the Beastie Boys - sampling our childhood love of Tron, Kungfu, Star Wars, Anime, Kaiju and our perverse interests in exploitation and hentai films. 

We’ve come to realize our backgrounds and collective experiences positioned us uniquely in the crossroads of Eastern and Western culture. So we set out to appropriate and reinvent pop culture that transcended hemispheres. 

To do this, we have committed to jamming on ideas daily after our exhausting day jobs, pitching treatments in futile to people who think we’re a bunch of crazy motherfuckers, and hustling for pennies to mitigate the impact of self-funding our projects. Our nights are spent figuring out kung-fu choreography and how to get blood to gush out gloriously from silicone limbs, having not done any of that shit before.. we are in fact more than directors, taking on multiple roles of producers, prop, sets, toy and tee designers.

At the end of the day we don’t really know if what we do makes any fucking sense but what we do know is there’s a yacht somewhere out there in the ocean, with nice booties and a galore of champagne waiting. Here’s to a 2019 that finds the yacht with us."